California State Assemblywoman Beth Gaines | District 6

My Legislation

AB 165 »
Commercial fishing: crayfish - Lake Tahoe
AB165 would allow for the commercial fishing of Cray fish in Lake Tahoe; allowing this fishing would help keep Tahoe blue by minimizing this...
AB 178 »
Highway Signs to Benefit Businesses Negatively Affected by Lincoln Bypass
After the Lincoln bypass was finished in 2012, AB178 helps to revitalize these businesses by informing drivers of their existence prior...
AB 527 »
Requires Western Climate Initiative, Incorporated (WCI, Inc.) to Participate in Transparency Measures
AB527 applies the extensively used Bagley-Keene Open Meetings Act and the California Public Records to the Western Climate Initiative,...
AB 661 »
Financial Integrity and State Manager’s Accountability Act
AB661 amends the Fiscal Integrity and State Manager’s Accountability Act of 1983 (FISMA) to be stronger, thus holding...
AB 766 »
Attorney General: use immunity
AB 766 prohibits the Attorney General from granting use immunity when investigating the misuse of public...
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