California State Assemblywoman Beth Gaines | District 6

My Legislation

AB 1503 »
Folsom Prison Museum
AB 1503 would allow the Department of General Services (DGS), with the consent of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation...
AB 1511 »
Protecting Animal Control Officers
AB 1511 would allow Animal Control Officers to request local and state criminal history summaries from the Department of Justice and local...
AB 1592 »
California Diabetes Program: Diabetes Action Plan

AB 1592 would create a statewide “diabetes action plan.” The goal of the plan is to provide actionable suggestions that,...

AB 1779 »
Examining the effectiveness of major energy policies
AB 1779 will require the California Energy Commission, in consultation with the several appropriate energy agencies, to prepare a report...
AB 2083 »
Increasing flexibility for CA businesses to comply with Cap-and-Trade
AB 2083 will increase flexibility for California businesses to comply with AB 32 Cap and Trade requirements by allowing businesses to use...