California State Assemblyman Brian Nestande | District 42

My Legislation

AB 609 »
California Taxpayer Open Access to Research Act
AB 609 creates free public access to scientific research conducted using state funded grants. Currently, there is no...
AB 1096 »
Salton Sea License Plate
AB 1096 would create a specialty Salton Sea license plate that California motorists can purchase for their vehicles. Proceeds from...
AB 2313 »
Metal Theft Task Force
This bill would create a statewide Metal Theft Task Force run by the California Department of...
AB 2421 »
Foster & Homeless Youth Opportunities Investment Act
AB 2421 would create tax incentives for companies to donate to non-profit organizations which provide college scholarships to students...
AB 2426 »
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
AB 2426 would create a matching state tax incentive for Coverdell Education Savings Accounts...
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