Opinion Editorial | 10/23/14
Democrats test Californians' tolerance for new taxes and fees
With its moderate climate, rich natural resources, and expansive coastline, the Golden State has its clear advantages. Yet elected state government leaders seem eager to see just how much...
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In The News | 10/15/14
Dream Builders opens in East Bakersfield
KGET 17 News Bakersfield
The funding for this resource center was provided by these three organizations with some help from the Housing Authority of Kern County. Assembly woman Shannon Grove said, "If people want to...
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Video | 09/16/14
California's water problems have more to do with politics than drought
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Assemblywoman Shannon Grove visits with hurting farmers in her district and discovers their water problems have more to do with politics than the drought.
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Video | 08/29/14
Assemblywoman Grove angry over 'regulatory take' from farmers & oil producers
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Assemblymember Shannon Grove expresses anger over a series of groundwater bills passed by the State Assembly, calling them a "regulatory take" from oil and farm producers. AB 1739 and SB 1168 enact a...
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