Video | 09/16/14
California's water problems have more to do with politics than drought
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Assemblywoman Shannon Grove visits with hurting farmers in her district and discovers their water problems have more to do with politics than the drought.
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In The News | 09/14/14
San Francisco Feminism: Go Ahead, Abort Girls
Real Clear Politics
Grove notes that China, India, Australia and the United Kingdom have outlawed sex-selective abortions. "Are all these countries' laws motivated by racism?"
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Opinion Editorial | 09/11/14
9-11 anniversary message from Assemblywoman Grove
Let’s be honest. As we face the 13th Anniversary of 9-11, there is a small part of each of us wishing this day was not commemorated. It is too painful to deal with. It is too...
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Video | 08/29/14
Assemblywoman Grove angry over 'regulatory take' from farmers & oil producers
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Assemblymember Shannon Grove expresses anger over a series of groundwater bills passed by the State Assembly, calling them a "regulatory take" from oil and farm producers. AB 1739 and SB 1168 enact a...
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