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Lawmakers, parents and education leaders talk about the #GreatSchools4CA legislative package.
Bipartisan Effort Unveiled to Combat Date-Rape Induced Sexual Assaults
Assemblyman Tom Lackey has introduced AB 46 to restore prosecutorial discretion to bring felony...
Lawmakers Demand Immediate Resolution to West Coast Port Dispute
At a press conference at the State Capitol, state lawmakers urged the International Longshore and...
Budget Cmte Vice Chair Melendez Responds to Governor's Budget
Assembly Budget Committee Vice Chair Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, responds to the release of...
Republican Leader Olsen Responds to State of the State
Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen Responds to Governor Brown's 2015 State of the State...

Editorial: Brown’s Cap on School Reserves Has to Go

4/10/2015 » Brown’s cap would make matters worse, limiting most local districts’ reserves to 6 percent, or about...

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4/16/2015 » Assembly Republicans Propose #GrowTogetherCA Legislative Package Read »

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3/9/2015 4:17:08 PM » #greatschools4ca
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2/24/2015 4:44:24 PM » bipartisan effort unveiled to combat date-rape...
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Assembly Republican Caucus Leader

Assembly Republicans Propose #GrowTogetherCA Legislative Package

4/16/2015 » SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republicans today introduced a package of legislation focused on...

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