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06/17/15 » Democratic lawmakers largely give in to Jerry Brown on budget
Sacramento Bee
Any transportation tax proposal is likely to face stiff resistance from Republicans in the Legislature. “We have to do something; I think everyone agrees with that,” said Assemblywoman Melissa...
06/17/15 » Gov. Brown, lawmakers agree on $115.4 billion CA budget
Associated Press
"We have to do something, he's right. The question is how we get there," said Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, vice-chairwoman of the Assembly Budget Committee. "There is great...
06/15/15 » Lawmakers send Jerry Brown incomplete budget
Sacramento Bee
“It’s not a budget bill,” said Melissa Melendez, a Lake Elsinore assemblywoman who joined minority Republicans in opposition to the plan. “It’s the legislative paycheck-protection act.”
06/15/15 » Lege Adds $749 Million to California Budget
Courthouse News Service
"If additional revenue does materialize, it should be put into the rainy day fund or used for one-time expenditures like water infrastructure, rather than diverted into ongoing program costs that will...
06/15/15 » Vergara time bomb still hangs over public schools
San Bernardino Sun
Democratic critics, many of whose campaigns are union-funded, claimed these changes would “crumble the central pillar of teacher job security.” They also charged the changes would deprive teachers of...
05/22/15 » Asm. Lackey: Politics as usual stops Antelope Valley schools from saving money
Antelope Valley Press
By building up savings, school districts can reduce or even prevent harmful cuts to classroom programs in a time of recession and keep students on track. In the last recession, we saw many local...
05/21/15 » Asm. Patterson: Victims of Heald closure deserve financial help
Fresno Bee
Attorney General Kamala Harris, with help from her allies in the U.S. Department of Education, has forced the closure of 28 privately-owned college campuses, stalling the futures of thousands of...
05/21/15 » Asm. Gallagher: Memorial Day
Marysville Appeal-Democrat
As we appreciate the extra time off this Memorial Day weekend, please take a moment to remember the reason for this holiday in our nation's history. The freedom that we are blessed with is never truly...
05/21/15 » Asm GOP Leader Kristin Olsen: We Can Expand Early Childhood Education without Raising Taxes, Growing Government
Flash Report
We need more legislative measures like AB 1161 – private sector solutions to real-world problems faced by many in our state. I hope this is the start of a new trend in state government to empower the...
05/21/15 » California lawmakers propose harsher penalties for animal cruelty
Los Angeles Times
"It is inexcusable that we do not do more to prevent such atrocities from occurring," Assemblyman William Brough (R-Dana Point) said in a recorded announcement from the Capitol steps during an ASPCA...

Democratic lawmakers largely give in to Jerry Brown on budget

6/17/2015 » Any transportation tax proposal is likely to face stiff resistance from Republicans in the...

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