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08/17/14 » Asm. Kristin Olsen: Innovation lifts economy
Fresno Bee
While California's economy is slowly improving, we still have a lot of work to do to spur economic growth that leads to good, stable jobs – especially in the San Joaquin Valley where we continue to...
08/17/14 » Asm. Jeff Gorell: Making preschool accessible
Ventura County Star
States across the nation are working on ways to increase access to early childhood learning. With the reality of increasing global competition, especially in a dynamic California economy that demands...
08/14/14 » California water bond clears Legislature, Brown signs off
San Jose Mercury News
With just a few hours to go before a midnight deadline to put a new state water bond on the November ballot, lawmakers Wednesday approved a $7.5 billion package that includes money for California's...
08/14/14 » Voters Will Decide On Water Bond In November
Fox Fresno
California Assemblywoman Connie Conway of Tulare said, “We held the line a little bit but everyone was willing to compromise and give. I think we came up with a product I hope Californians will be...
08/10/14 » Asm. Rocky Chavez & Sen. Ben Hueso: The border story you don’t know
UT San Diego
If you were to turn on the television or read an article about the U.S.-Mexico border, you would be told a story about immigration and/or the political divisions that exist between the two major...
08/07/14 » Legislators tour proposed site for new reservoir in Colusa Co.
NBC Sacramento
State and local lawmakers visited the site of a proposed reservoir, called the Sites Reservoir, near Maxwell that would provide much needed water to a thirsty California.
08/03/14 » Asm. Jeff Gorell: Giving homeless vets a hand up
Ventura County Star
As a military veteran and a California legislator, I am saddened by the painful statistic that our state has the nation's largest number of homeless veterans.
08/01/14 » Asm. Curt Hagman: Fix drawn-out delays in death penalty cases
San Bernardino Sun
Disappointment and frustration are two words that describe my feelings toward a ruling issued by a federal judge that California’s death penalty is unconstitutional. He stated that the lengthy and...
08/01/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: Teaching for the Future
Santa Clarita Valley News
Teachers play an important role in shaping our children’s futures. Every student deserves the highest quality education, but unfortunately our public education system doesn’t always put students first...
08/01/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: Where’s the balance?
Santa Clarita Signal
I believe all Californians are environmentalists. Who doesn’t want clean air and clean water? So I’ve always been troubled that single-issue advocacy groups have hijacked the term “environmentalist”...

Asm. Kristin Olsen: Innovation lifts economy

8/17/2014 » While California's economy is slowly improving, we still have a lot of work to do to spur economic...

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Statement by Republican Leader Conway on Today’s Vote on Water Bond Legislation

8/13/2014 » SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare, today issued the...

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