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05/06/15 » Calif. Assemblywoman Introduces No-Strike BART Clause
NBC Bay Area
Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker (R-San Ramon) presented a bill on Wednesday in Sacramento that would prevent BART employees from striking during contract negotiations if the BART employees already...
05/05/15 » Patterson: Assembly Hearing to Shed Light on True Commitment to Farmworker Rights
Flash Report
These are honest, hardworking people who are trying to make a better life for their families. The rights they are asking for are fundamental and represent the American values of freedom and...
05/04/15 » Corinthian Colleges declares bankruptcy amid push for new legislation to help students
San Bernardino Sun
“In addition to providing relief to these students, this legislation ensures that funds recovered from the legal action against Corinthian Colleges directly funds the student relief activities in this...
05/04/15 » Chavez's failed bill proves teachers' unions have control
Seaside Courier
Former Oceanside City Councilman Rocky Chavez is learning, the hard way, just how tough it can be as a Republican in a state dominated, and run, by Democrats.The state's powerful teachers' unions have...
05/04/15 » Steinorth bill mandating economic review clears Assembly
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Steinorth’s bill requires all newly proposed regulations with a potential economic impact of $50 million or greater to be sent to lawmakers to determine if the new rules are appropriate.
05/04/15 » Hadley gives wings to Air Force kids
Easy Reader News
South Bay Assemblyman David Hadley (66th District) has introduced Assembly Bill 306, which would allow Los Angeles Air Force Base personnel, as well as active duty military families at other...
04/29/15 » Democrats kill Republican bills on teacher tenure, firing
Sacramento Bee
A legislative committee on Wednesday rejected Republican education bills that would have overhauled teacher tenure and firing rules in response to a federal judge striking down California’s teacher...
04/28/15 » Farmers Press Lawmakers for More Water Storage Projects
CBS Sacramento
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – State lawmakers’ proposal to build new water storage for the first time in decades died Monday afternoon. A hundred or so people were at the Capitol, holding signs urging...
04/28/15 » Bill to Fast Track Reservoirs Killed by State Assembly Committee
Fox 40 Sacramento
A bill that would streamline environmental reviews of two Valley reservoirs was killed by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee for a second time. Despite a rally held by growers, business groups...
04/27/15 » Amid California drought, Republicans want faster reservoir construction
LA Times
Standing next to dead almond trees on the Capitol steps on Monday, Republican lawmakers and farmers pushed to expedite the construction of new reservoirs during the drought. "There's a lot of talk...

Calif. Assemblywoman Introduces No-Strike BART Clause

5/6/2015 » Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker (R-San Ramon) presented a bill on Wednesday in Sacramento that...

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