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07/25/14 » State senator: Redding toughest location for crime
ABC Redding
California State Senator Ted Gaines calls Redding one of the cities hardest hit by prison realignment in the state.
07/23/14 » 'Nonviolent' offenders charged with violent crimes
UT San Diego
Having completed his time in prison, Mahad Ahmed was released earlier this year and returned to San Diego County. Based on his most recent conviction — a 2012 burglary — the 23-year-old documented...
07/22/14 » Assembly Bill 109 puts the squeeze on Riverside County jails and leaves more criminals on the streets
ABC Palm Springs
It was a law approved by Governor Jerry Brown in 2010 that was aimed at reducing overcrowding in California's prisons. But not only did Assembly Bill 109 send thousands of state prisoners back to...
07/16/14 » Victorville gang sweep yields more than 100 arrests
Victorville Daily Press
Ten Southern California law enforcement agencies participated in a SMASH sweep on Friday night in Victorville, targeting known gang members, probationers and convicts released on AB109 post-release...
07/10/14 » Shaver Lake woman gets one year in jail for fatal DUI crash
ABC Fresno
Wasson said Brown was not eligible to go to state prison under AB 109, or California's prison realignment program. Instead she faced a maximum sentence of four years in county jail.
07/10/14 » Murder suspect led a troubled life of crime
Mad River Union
According to the probation reports, authorities considered Tree at high risk of future offenses when he was released on felony probation in April 2013 in connection with California’s prison...
07/09/14 » Turlock crime rate on the rise in 2014
Turlock Journal
For the first three months of this year the crime rate in Turlock was steadily creeping upwards, due in large part to more violent offenders on the street, said Turlock Police Chief Rob Jackson.
07/07/14 » Homeless parolees weigh on California counties
Associated Press
Gov. Jerry Brown based his recent overhaul of the state corrections system in part on the idea that having those convicted of lower-level crimes supervised by county probation officers instead of...
07/01/14 » Prison officials seek delay of inmate deadline
Associated Press
California prison officials on Monday asked for a two-month delay in meeting their first court-ordered target for reducing the state's inmate population, after federal judges changed the rules at the...
07/01/14 » Early inmate releases a hazard for Gov. Brown
Los Angeles Daily News
From early in his career, Gov. Jerry Brown has had a proclivity for dismissing problems with wisecracks or aphorisms.
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