Federal Courts Threaten Early Release of 10,000 Inmates by End of 2013

Crime rates continue to rise as more serious and repeat felons are shifted to local communities under the Governor’s realignment plan, under which 52,000 offenders will no longer be serving time in state prison by 2013-14. They will instead be sent to overcrowded county jails. Many criminals will serve a fraction of their sentences, or will be granted de-facto early release to make room for the influx of state felons.
However, Californians are now facing a more immediate threat – the early release of thousands of dangerous felons under a looming court order.  Though realignment has cut the state’s inmate population to 123,000 inmates, a federal court has set a cap of no more than 110,000 inmates by the end of 2013.  If the state does not add additional beds, it may be forced to grant the early release of almost 10,000 inmates if the federal courts prevail.
Legislative Republicans sent a letter earlier this year to Governor Brown outlining several ways to address the crisis and prevent the early release of over 10,000 violent felons.  In March, we put forward dozens of reforms to fix the serious flaws with realignment.  Click below to read about Republican proposals to stop this public safety nightmare from coming true.