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11/24/14 » Learning from the Prop. 30 bait-and-switch
UT San Diego
In 2012, state voters were persuaded to approve Proposition 30 by a coalition led by Gov. Jerry Brown and California’s two large teachers unions.
11/21/14 » Brown tries to hold line on spending
Sacramento Bee
The election is over, the Legislature will soon reconvene and interest groups are starting to beat their drums – signals that the Capitol will soon begin its annual spasm of Darwinian combat known as...
11/20/14 » Analyst: No 'fiscal cliff' when tax hikes end
Associated Press
"The positive financial outlook will give us the opportunity to fund our education priorities and craft a budget that will begin to pay down unfunded pensions, grow the economy and save for a rainy...
11/20/14 » Expiration of Prop. 30 taxes won’t reverse revenue growth, says fiscal analyst
Sacramento Business Journal
Incoming tax dollars are predicted to climb about $2 billion above estimates in this year's state budget, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office reported Wednesday. But lawmakers could not spend...
11/18/14 » Big pension gap won’t vanish soon
Sacramento Bee
State Controller John Chiang performed an admirable public service by publishing a detailed report on the finances of California’s public employee pension systems.
11/17/14 » Rising retirement costs help drive UC plan to raise tuition
Sacramento Bee
When the University of California Board of Regents on Wednesday debates a plan to raise tuition by up to 5 percent annually over each of the next five years, they will focus on how the revenue could...
11/14/14 » California pension funds are running dry
Los Angeles Times
A decade ago, many of California's public pension plans had plenty of money to pay for workers' retirements.
10/29/14 » Governor won't push to extend Prop. 30 sale and income taxes
Sacramento Business Journal
Gov. Jerry Brown told reporters Monday that he would not seek to renew sales and income tax increases that are due to expire at the end of 2016.
10/28/14 » Gov. Jerry Brown downplays possibility of tax-hike extension
San Francisco Chronicle
Emphasizing what he called the Democratic Party’s commitment to frugal governing, Gov. Jerry Brown downplayed the chances Monday of returning to the voters to renew sales and income tax increases when...
10/23/14 » A look at some of the pension-boosting perks
Los Angeles Times
The board of the California Public Employees' Retirement System voted to add to a recent pension reform law 99 bonuses that can boost workers' current paychecks and also their future pensions.