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10/29/14 » Governor won't push to extend Prop. 30 sale and income taxes
Sacramento Business Journal
Gov. Jerry Brown told reporters Monday that he would not seek to renew sales and income tax increases that are due to expire at the end of 2016.
10/28/14 » Gov. Jerry Brown downplays possibility of tax-hike extension
San Francisco Chronicle
Emphasizing what he called the Democratic Party’s commitment to frugal governing, Gov. Jerry Brown downplayed the chances Monday of returning to the voters to renew sales and income tax increases when...
10/23/14 » A look at some of the pension-boosting perks
Los Angeles Times
The board of the California Public Employees' Retirement System voted to add to a recent pension reform law 99 bonuses that can boost workers' current paychecks and also their future pensions.
10/17/14 » Gasoline prices fall but will climb under cap-and-trade
Sacramento Bee
Gasoline prices in California – and everywhere else in the nation – have been dropping sharply in recent months, down as much as $1 a gallon from several years ago.
10/16/14 » Cap and trade's perpetual campaign
Orange County Register
When cap-and-trade laws were first proposed for California, many pro-business politicians loudly objected. The fee system would hamper economic growth and eat away at bottom lines, they argued. For...
10/07/14 » Democrats eye 2016 for tax extension vote
Sacramento Bee
As Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan lobbied for a school bond near the end of this year’s legislative session, she was asked at a Senate committee hearing why the measure could not wait two years, for the...
09/29/14 » State sinks money into high-rise called a 'disaster’
San Francisco Chronicle
A state-owned high-rise built for $80 million has become a $177 million nightmare — a money pit that is draining taxpayer dollars and, some say, jeopardizing the health and safety of public employees.
09/29/14 » Jerry Brown vetoes extra $100 million for UC, CSU
Sacramento Bee
Citing property tax revenues below budget estimates, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed part of a budget bill Saturday that would have awarded an additional $50 million each to the University of California and...
08/27/14 » Audit: State government errors give employees $6.3 million in unearned leave
Sacramento Bee
State agencies gave their employees nearly 200,000 hours of unearned leave credits worth almost $6.4 million over five years, and the self-inflicted taxpayer expense will only grow until the...
08/27/14 » Gov. Brown must not tolerate CalPERS’ outrage
UT San Diego
CalPERS’ staff and board didn’t just violate the trust placed in them to uphold the law; they waterboarded it. If Brown wants to honor the trust placed in him, he will formally object to CalPERS’...