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07/21/14 » UC borrows $2.7 billion to fund pension debt
UC regents last week approved borrowing another $700 million internally to help close a pension funding gap, bringing the total borrowed to $2.7 billion in a pension bond-like strategy with risks or...
07/17/14 » Brown: Property taxes not high enough to trigger extra money for UC, CSU
Sac Bee Capitol Alert
The Brown administration said Wednesday that local property tax revenue from the last budget year did not come in high enough to trigger an additional $100 million in funding for state colleges and...
07/15/14 » CalPERS remains in a deep hole despite big return
Sacramento Bee
California’s $300 billion public employee pension fund reported the upbeat news that its rate of return exceeded 18 percent in the fiscal year that ended last month. But happy days are hardly here...
07/10/14 » State must not let unions hijack school funding reform
UT San Diego
On Thursday, the state Board of Education will meet in Sacramento to discuss the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula law that the Legislature passed last year to great fanfare. The law...
07/09/14 » Millions collected in late charges on fire-fee bills
UT San Diego
Like most bill collectors, the state demands its payments on time.
07/07/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: State Budget: Groundhog Day
SCV News
This year’s budget was a missed opportunity to put California’s state government on a firmer foundation. Not only is this year’s budget the biggest in our state’s history at $156.4 billion, but it...
06/27/14 » No real brake on runaway state spending
Orange County Register
Gov. Jerry Brown honestly seems to want to curb spending, but his obsession with high-speed rail enabled the Legislature to force him to cave on a plethora of new spending when he should have held the...
06/24/14 » Capping local school budget reserves is a very bad idea
Contra Costa Times
Democrats in Sacramento have been trying to change their image as agents of big government and big spenders controlled by public employee unions. But then up pops that old saw about a leopard changing...
06/24/14 » Calif. Budget Reserve Proposal Bad for School Districts, Officials Say
The Bond Buyer
Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway and 21 other Republicans sent a letter to Gov. Brown last week, asking him to veto the legislation. "It is deeply troubling that the budget reserve provisions...
06/19/14 » Legislature allows big holes in rainy day fund
San Francisco Chronicle
One of the welcome recent developments in Sacramento is an ostensible commitment to save money in good years for lean times ahead. But this rainy day fund concept has never sat well with labor groups...