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08/19/14 » GOP: Reverse Budget Reserve Restriction On School Districts
Capital Public Radio
A new rule in this year’s California budget package is drawing anger from school districts – and calls from Republicans to overturn it.
08/19/14 » Auditor says $93 million in Medi-Cal payments could be fraudulent
Los Angeles Times
A state audit has found that more than $93 million in Medi-Cal payments made to substance abuse clinics across California were potentially fraudulent.
08/19/14 » Republican Lawmakers Hope to Overturn Restrictions on School District Reserve Accounts
Some of the state's Republican lawmakers are looking to overturn a last-minute addition to this year's budget: Limits on how much money school districts can keep in their reserve accounts....
08/18/14 » Job training agency’s surplus creates more angst
Sacramento Bee
A few weeks ago, officials of a small state agency that dispenses funds for training workers to become more proficient were crying the blues.
08/18/14 » California Republicans want to reverse limits on school reserves
Los Angeles Times
California Republican lawmakers want to revisit one of the most controversial parts of this year's budget debate, proposing legislation on Monday to remove new limits on how much money school...
08/06/14 » Political hubris plagues Bay Bridge, other big public projects
Sacramento Bee
The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake revealed structural deficiencies in the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and within a few years, then-Gov. Pete Wilson’s administration proposed a...
07/21/14 » UC borrows $2.7 billion to fund pension debt
UC regents last week approved borrowing another $700 million internally to help close a pension funding gap, bringing the total borrowed to $2.7 billion in a pension bond-like strategy with risks or...
07/17/14 » Brown: Property taxes not high enough to trigger extra money for UC, CSU
Sac Bee Capitol Alert
The Brown administration said Wednesday that local property tax revenue from the last budget year did not come in high enough to trigger an additional $100 million in funding for state colleges and...
07/15/14 » CalPERS remains in a deep hole despite big return
Sacramento Bee
California’s $300 billion public employee pension fund reported the upbeat news that its rate of return exceeded 18 percent in the fiscal year that ended last month. But happy days are hardly here...
07/10/14 » State must not let unions hijack school funding reform
UT San Diego
On Thursday, the state Board of Education will meet in Sacramento to discuss the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula law that the Legislature passed last year to great fanfare. The law...