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12/17/14 » California’s Retiree Health Care Debt Rises … Again
In this new era of California tackling more of its future debt obligations, get ready for a new conversation about one that’s been under the radar for a very long time: the cost of long-term health...
12/15/14 » CalPERS: extra contributions can yield big savings
CalPERS is encouraging government employers to make extra payments to reduce their pension debt or “unfunded liability” if budgets allow, saying millions can be saved in the long run.
12/15/14 » Congress to fund bullet train? Pure fantasy
UT San Diego
By any measure, the bullet train is shaping up as a boondoggle. But even if it were a shining testament to state planning and innovation, the idea that lawmakers from the rest of America would carve...
12/14/14 » Pension cost avoidance creates gaps
Sacramento Bee
California’s perpetual political debate over public employee pensions usually focuses on the benefits themselves – whether they are fair compensation for those doing the public’s work or, conversely,...
12/09/14 » Demographic changes threaten pensions
UT San Diego
New CalPERS report finds fewer workers and more pensioners.
12/07/14 » Many want more money; UC should get in line
Los Angeles Times
First of all, Californians think that raising university tuition again is a really bad idea. A non-starter.
12/06/14 » California’s tax battle looms in ’16
Sacramento Bee
When Democrats lost their legislative supermajorities last month, it doomed even the very faint chance that legislators would enact the hefty tax increases liberal groups yearn to impose.
12/03/14 » Stealthy bill on schools boomerangs
Sacramento Bee
Senate Bill 858 was one of dozens of “trailer bills” that were drafted in secret, given only cursory public notice and then hastily passed by the Legislature in June because they were supposedly...
12/02/14 » Local reserve cap dampens rainy day fund
UT San Diego
Local school officials seek repeal of union-backed poison pill.
12/02/14 » CSBA calls reserve limit unworkable
Cabinet Report
Legislation limiting how much money schools can retain in reserves includes too many facets of a district’s ending budget balance and skews the amount actually being reported, according to a study...