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09/29/14 » State sinks money into high-rise called a 'disaster’
San Francisco Chronicle
A state-owned high-rise built for $80 million has become a $177 million nightmare — a money pit that is draining taxpayer dollars and, some say, jeopardizing the health and safety of public employees.
09/29/14 » Jerry Brown vetoes extra $100 million for UC, CSU
Sacramento Bee
Citing property tax revenues below budget estimates, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed part of a budget bill Saturday that would have awarded an additional $50 million each to the University of California and...
08/27/14 » Audit: State government errors give employees $6.3 million in unearned leave
Sacramento Bee
State agencies gave their employees nearly 200,000 hours of unearned leave credits worth almost $6.4 million over five years, and the self-inflicted taxpayer expense will only grow until the...
08/27/14 » Gov. Brown must not tolerate CalPERS’ outrage
UT San Diego
CalPERS’ staff and board didn’t just violate the trust placed in them to uphold the law; they waterboarded it. If Brown wants to honor the trust placed in him, he will formally object to CalPERS’...
08/25/14 » Calpers's Play for Pay
Wall Street Journal
Jerry Brown wanted to stop 'pension spiking.' So much for that.
08/23/14 » Asm. Eric Linder: State budget shortchanges higher education
Riverside Press-Enterprise
In our Inland Empire region, we have an important consensus to make funding and investment in UC Riverside a top budget priority in Sacramento. As you can expect, this is an ongoing fight. And with so...
08/22/14 » Pension fatteners reveal some strange public work rules
Sacramento Bee
Two years ago, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature agreed to a mild reform of public employee pensions aimed, they said, at reducing manipulation of the system and reducing long-term costs.
08/20/14 » Education leaders propose uncapping budget reserves
Porterville Recorder
Assembly Republican Leader-Elect Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto, and state Sen. Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield, joined education leaders Monday in introducing Assembly Bill 146 (AB 146), which would restore the...
08/19/14 » GOP: Reverse Budget Reserve Restriction On School Districts
Capital Public Radio
A new rule in this year’s California budget package is drawing anger from school districts – and calls from Republicans to overturn it.
08/19/14 » Auditor says $93 million in Medi-Cal payments could be fraudulent
Los Angeles Times
A state audit has found that more than $93 million in Medi-Cal payments made to substance abuse clinics across California were potentially fraudulent.