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04/10/15 » Editorial: Brown’s Cap on School Reserves Has to Go
LA Daily News
Brown’s cap would make matters worse, limiting most local districts’ reserves to 6 percent, or about two weeks’ payroll, an irresponsible level. Lawmakers should follow the LAO’s advice and repeal it...
04/10/15 » Wilk: Budget process needs more sunshine
Santa Clarita Signal
A few weeks ago the state Assembly passed a resolution celebrating “Sunshine Week,” touting the Legislature’s commitment to transparency. I find it funny that a week later, on a straight party-line...
04/09/15 » Brough, Bigelow, Melendez, and Patterson: 529 bill to help college bound
Union Democrat
It’s safe to say that the college experience is different for our kids than it was for many of us. We paid thousands of dollars less per unit, bought cheap textbooks and left college with no debt...
04/08/15 » Allen: A hot water issue in the California drought discussion
Town Hall
While it is true that we are in a drought, the little known fact outside Sacramento is that our water problems could be substantially eased if the Governor and his Democrat party chose to demonstrate...
04/06/15 » Steinorth: Let local governments set safety zones for children
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
California’s sex offender laws are blanket policies that may not properly capture all of the nuances needed in various communities. While the state has laws that restrict where sex offenders can live,...
04/03/15 » Judge orders California to pay for inmate's sex change
News 10 Sacramento
Assembly Republican Caucus Leader Kristin Olsen called the decision "an outrage." "And here we're gonna spend $100,000 to pay for a sex change for a convicted murderer," Olsen said. "It's...
04/03/15 » GOP leader urges appeal of judge's order in sex change case
Associated Press
The state Assembly's Republican leader is urging an appeal of a judge's order that California must provide sex reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate. Minority Leader Kristin Olsen sent her...
03/26/15 » Editorial: California GOP bills offer hope for more open government
LA Daily News
The best package of bills we’ve heard about so far has to do with improving the legislative process itself. These are bills being promoted by Republicans in the Assembly. Some are familiar proposals...
03/21/15 » Editorial: Olsen trying to spread a little sunshine
Modesto Bee
It’s such a common practice that you can find the definition in the glossary of the California Legislature. … Kristin Olsen wants to put a halt to the most odious aspects of gut-and-amend.
03/20/15 » Waldron: Medi-Cal is in Crisis
Temecula Patch
It is my hope that this situation will be corrected during budget discussions later this year so that our most vulnerable citizens can actually receive the care they’ve been promised.

Editorial: Brown’s Cap on School Reserves Has to Go

4/10/2015 » Brown’s cap would make matters worse, limiting most local districts’ reserves to 6 percent, or about...

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Assembly Republicans Propose #GrowTogetherCA Legislative Package

4/16/2015 » SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republicans today introduced a package of legislation focused on...

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