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09/19/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: A missed opportunity
Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Gov. Jerry Brown keeps declaring the “California Comeback.” Whether I talk to small business owners, students or seniors, no one else shares that view.
09/10/14 » Rushed groundwater bill hurts Valley economy
Merced Sun-Star
We represent the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive farming regions in the country. Agriculture is a major reason California is now the world’s eighth largest economy. But the Legislature...
09/06/14 » Freshman Legislators Bring Hope, Maybe Change, to Sacramento
It may be the best sign of not only change coming to the center of California government, but also the clearest sign of just how bad things have been.
09/03/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: We’re losing the War on Poverty
Los Angeles Daily News
Normally 50-year anniversaries are a reason to celebrate — birthdays, weddings, successful businesses. But not this year’s 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s official declaration of the...
09/02/14 » Asm. Rocky Chavez: A Life in Public Service
California City News
Public service is a very rewarding experience. I am honored to have been given the privilege of serving at both the local and state levels of government. While I’ve enjoyed these two levels of public...
08/28/14 » Asm. Jim Patterson: Australia shows how to stop hidden gas tax
Fresno Bee
Under the guise of ridding our state of greenhouse gases, we have capped-and-traded our way to a huge gasoline tax that, in the end, will be more successful in cleaning out our wallets than it will...
08/27/14 » Asm. Scott Wilk: Be sure your voice is heard
Santa Clarita Valley Signal
I have opposed the high-speed rail project since its inception and am troubled by Gov. Jerry Brown’s single-minded pursuit of it since he took office in 2011.
08/23/14 » Asm. Eric Linder: State budget shortchanges higher education
Riverside Press-Enterprise
In our Inland Empire region, we have an important consensus to make funding and investment in UC Riverside a top budget priority in Sacramento. As you can expect, this is an ongoing fight. And with so...
08/17/14 » Asm. Kristin Olsen: Innovation lifts economy
Fresno Bee
While California's economy is slowly improving, we still have a lot of work to do to spur economic growth that leads to good, stable jobs – especially in the San Joaquin Valley where we continue to...
08/17/14 » Asm. Jeff Gorell: Making preschool accessible
Ventura County Star
States across the nation are working on ways to increase access to early childhood learning. With the reality of increasing global competition, especially in a dynamic California economy that demands...

Asm. Scott Wilk: A missed opportunity

9/19/2014 » Gov. Jerry Brown keeps declaring the “California Comeback.” Whether I talk to small business owners,...

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Statement by Republican Leader Conway on Governor Brown Signing Groundwater Legislation

9/16/2014 » SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare, today issued the...

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