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***Get Californians back to work by encouraging private sector job creators to come back to our state and hire workers here.

Putting California Jobs First
*Republican Themes on Job Creation

Assembly Republicans have long been committed to improving California's jobs climate. In 2012,...

Democratic lawmakers largely give in to Jerry Brown on budget

6/17/2015 » Any transportation tax proposal is likely to face stiff resistance from Republicans in the...

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4/27/2015 2:30:48 PM » californians urge action to speed up vital water...
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4/27/2015 1:26:11 PM » republican leader olsen talks about legislation to...
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Assembly Republican Caucus Leader

Former Governor Schwarzenegger Calls on Legislature to Pass Assembly Republican Transportation Plan

8/28/2015 » This morning, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released a statement calling on...

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